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  If you have any queries or would like a more bespoke proposal for your organisation, please contact our account manager at Genesis,  Olivia:      
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  • This Invitation to Treat is for a finance lease and assumes that finance offered to your organisation is not classed as regulated by the FCA.
• All unregulated finance facilities are subject to status, credit underwriting and movements in money costs.
• Leases allow the business to retain cash within the business as opposed to spending it on an outright purchase.           
• Lease payments are fully allowable operating expenses against your taxable profit.
• This is a generic Invitation to Treat for unregulated organisations. We are able to offer flexible terms and end of lease options subject to credit approval.
• Our standard arrangement and documentation fee is £150 + VAT and this will be taken with the first repayment.
• Genesis Capital are not tax advisors, and we encourage you to contact your accountant who will be able to confirm the exact tax position for your organisation.
  Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 679618, Genesis Capital is a Broker and not a lender